What it’s like to work at Nordstrom

If you haven’t worked retail, then you ┬ádon’t know that it’s really not as glamorous as you thought. Standing on your feet for 7 hours a day isn’t fun. I have yet to find a shoe that is chic yet comfortable. One girl in the store wears heels everyday and I think she’s crazy. At my store, I work on commission. However, I have yet to meet my sales goal and it’s not necessarily because my selling techniques are bad. Sales takes a little bit of luck and depends on so many external factors. I work in women’s apparel and deal with a lot of older customers, some of whom can be quite difficult. Whenever, I don’t meet the sales goal, I think I only get paid hourly. It’s 2 days until the dd hits, thank God. I do enjoy a 20% discount in the store but I have so many other bills that I cannot be shopping there all the time. The majority of my next paycheck is going to a car insurance payment.

Also, FYI Nordstrom employees cannot shop the anniversary sale until it’s open to the public.

There are some people I work with that I really wonder how they got hired because they are either stupid, do not dress fashionably, or both. I am more educated than many of the people I work with. Working here has helped me to realize that I do not see a long-term career in retail unless I can get a desk job. I am quite certain that I either have tendonitis, plantar fasciitis or a stress fracture in my foot. Waiting to go to the orthopedist next week.

It’s tough to say whether my coworkers or my customers bother me more. Probably my coworkers honestly. There are some people who are just aloof, stupid, or downright rude. The only way to survive at Nordstrom is to tune those people out. Luckily, my manager is pretty nice. She hasn’t gotten pissed at me for anything yet but I don’t think seasonal employees can possibly learn all the ins and outs in a week. I will probably be done by the end of July or early August when the anniversary sale ends. Another thing that makes it difficult to sell is when your customers say the merchandise is ugly. Some of it is ugly. I cannot lie. I try my best to be honest with my customers because if they don’t like something it will get returned and then guess who loses the commission? Yep, that’s right. Yours truly!