Second opinion or 5

If you read my last post, then you know my doctor tested too soon for chlamydia. Needless to say, I will never be going to him again for anything. I got several second opinions and they all said it’s likely a false positive since he tested too soon. The test can pick up dead chlamydia. There’s no need to do a test of cure unless you still have symptoms or reinfection is suspected. The antibiotics are close to 100% effective. The only time it might not work is if you threw up or had diarrhea within a couple hours of taking it. That’s true for other drugs, not just Zithromax. Regardless, I didn’t throw up or have diarrhea so there’s no reason that this wasn’t absorbed. I am very angry about this doctor. If you have doubts about your treatment plan, then don’t hesitate to seek a second opinion or 5. He didn’t even upload my results in the portal. Um did he not think that people might not want to know that they don’t have HIV or syphilis? Getting chlamydia is not a punishment for having unprotected sex. In fact, 1 in 5 adults will have an STD in their lifetime. The best thing you can do is use condoms until you know someone’s status. Unfortunately, most people my age are just fucking around with multiple partners and probably not using condoms with any or even getting STD tests. I have only had 2 guys ever show me their results.


False positives

I used to really like and trust my doctor until now. If you have  been following my blog, then you read that I had a positive test for chlamydia. I took the 1g of Zithromax on May 2. With advances in medicine, NAAT is the most sensitive test. However, testing too soon after treatment can lead to false positives. Current CDC guidelines recommend retesting 3 months after treatment. I’m not sure why my doctor is not following the CDC guidelines. He insisted on testing me 2 weeks after treatment. The NAAT can still amplify dead organisms. He said I was positive again. I refuse to believe this so I am waiting 3 months, August 2. If anyone is in the same situation as me, just know that you can get a false positive by testing too early. I will be looking for a new doctor and testing again somewhere else at a later date.

Day 3 of Invisalign

Ok it still hurts. A lot. I even notice it when I’m sleeping. The price I pay for straight teeth I guess. Except no one really told me about the pain. I hope it goes away on Day 4. I have a lisp now too. Guess I’m avoiding any words with S. It’s also really not that invisible when I have some attachments on my front teeth. I’ll update this later if you want to follow my road to straight teeth!

Poor managers

It’s been said that people don’t leave their jobs. They leave their managers. My manager was horrible, which is why I’m leaving my job. I was a host in a restaurant. I am 25 and educated, obviously way overqualified to do a  host job. You’re a joke if you think I can pay my bills on $160 every 2 weeks. My car insurance alone is $111 a month and my doctor bills are around $14-26. The next week, she only scheduled me one day. She didn’t even care that I was quitting. The servers will care though because they know I was doing a good job. If that restaurant gets busy, they won’t be able to handle it and I will take pride in their failure. The servers all hate her too because she has an attitude, is lazy, and does NOT know how to run a restaurant. Many days, she has come into work saying something like “I dare anyone to cross me tonight.” or tells me to stop standing around when her fat sister never does shit. No wonder she’s fat, because she literally just stands there and makes me seat all the tables. Needless to say, I am happy to be out of this horrible establishment and will no longer be patronizing it. No one wants to pay $20 for lasagna anyway. I can cook better than most restaurants. I only tried ravioli and gnocchi bolognese and thought both were sub-par for the price. If you’re reading this, don’t go to the Italian restaurant in MacGregor Village in Cary.

The stigma surrounding STDs

If you thought you couldn’t get one, you were wrong. I was sexually harassed by a coworker in a restaurant and he pressured me to have sex with him. I went to the doctor 2 weeks later and 3 days later, I was informed that I had chlamydia. This status has a way of making people feel dirty and ashamed but only because of the stigma surrounding STDs. Thankfully, this person was fired and that is the only thing that gives me peace of mind. I am 25 and people my age are horrible.  They are not interested in dating, only sex. They have multiple partners, don’t use condoms, and don’t get tested. It’s happened to my friends who were in relationships too. They ended up with STDs from a partner cheating. Luckily, this goes away with antibiotics. But having sex with bad people just lowers your self-esteem, makes you hate men and sex. My coworker was extremely rude to me after I told him and called me a crazy, ugly bitch. He did not take any ownership for his actions or seem interested in treatment at all. That means that other people are going to have to learn the hard way like I did. Everyone deserves healthy relationships and my coworker abused his power with me. I suffered from anxiety and panic attacks at work and had to resign. Working in the restaurant industry is not a good option if you are a woman. I work somewhere else now and haven’t had any issues so far. But the moment you feel uncomfortable at work, you should tell someone about it or quit if you have to. The work environment should be a place where you feel safe.