Vicious girls

I’m not sure anyone I know has ever experienced so much hatred and bullying from other girls. And sometimes it’s from girls that I don’t even know. If I had found this Facebook message sooner, I would have immediately reported it to my school. A girl I never met accused me of stalking her boyfriend and called me ugly and a slut. I don’t understand it. But quite honestly I’m sick of all the harassment towards me on Facebook. Guys in other countries send me messages, which I also feel is inappropriate. I do not accept friend requests from people I don’t know. Also, the person who delivered my furniture messaged me on Facebook. That’s not appropriate either. It has led me to permanently delete my Facebook account.

When I lived in Boston, there were four guys who lived above us. I had the neighbor’s phone numbers and was trying to be friends with them. The neighbor’s girlfriend then texted me from his phone and called me a slut and asked me what I was trying to accomplish. It was really disturbing. I don’t ever approve of girls texting someone else from their boyfriend’s phones. It’s crazy and if you have an issue with your boyfriend being friends with neighbors downstairs, then you clearly have an issue. However, that’s not the only time this happened to me either.

I have been friends with a guy named Steve for a long time, since freshman year of college. Steve’s girlfriend also felt the need to text me from Steve’s phone. She told me that I clearly needed someone to confide in and Steve would never be that for me. Not wanting to deal with this type of harassment, I removed Steve from all social media, Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram. That girl destroyed my friendship. I don’t even think he knows she sent that message to me. I’ve never met her and never want to. Thankfully, they broke up and I was able to become friends with Steve again. He told me she was crazy but he realized it too late. I really do believe girls need to stop this behavior. If you have a problem with your boyfriend being friends with other girls, then you need to take it up with him not text other girls from his phone. Also, just because a girl is friends with a guy does not mean that she wants to date him. I was never attracted to any of these guys with crazy girlfriends. I’m so sick of how people treat me. I am an innocent person not trying to steal your boyfriend. Jesus.


Author: laurrack

New to blogging! What started as a fashion blog turned into a lifestyle blog. I write about anything that I want to write about. I have lived in NC, FL, AZ, and MA.

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