Laser hair removal

Basically, laser hair removal is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. So far I’ve had two treatments. First, I did my abdomen. I will be doing a second treatment on that later in April. The hair isn’t really back yet. It costs $90. I go to BodyLase Skin Spa in Cary. The second time I did $300 for one hour because it’s a better deal. That time I did lower arms, legs, toes, and the tops of my hands. I’m very hairy and used to be bullied for it. My mom disapproves of me getting laser hair removal. What doesn’t she disapprove of? I’m not going to lie the laser does hurt. The first time she did my abdomen she went all the way down to the top of where my pubic hair grows and it hurt. I also noticed that my ankles were very sensitive. The rest of the body that I did mostly just feels like air blowing on you. When you go to sensitive areas though, it feels like burning or stinging or a small zap. I am happy with the results so far and know I am saving money from shaving and waxing.


Author: laurrack

New to blogging! What started as a fashion blog turned into a lifestyle blog. I write about anything that I want to write about. I have lived in NC, FL, AZ, and MA.

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