My Invisalign consultation

Yesterday, I went to the dentist to get Invisalign. They had $750 off special this month so I hopped on that. Unfortunately, it would have been better for me to get this 3 years ago because insurance would have covered more. Also, most people pay Invisalign out of pocket. I found out that since my insurance expires in January, they will likely not continue covering treatment that was started before then. There are ways to pay for Invisalign though. I ended up applying for Care Credit and was approved for a $3700 credit line. My Invisalign was expected to cost $4700 without the insurance contribution. The office manager said that $500-$800 will probably be paid by my insurance. Including the special, that means I would still owe $3000. Monthly payments over 24 months are $131. Not knowing what to do, I ended up deciding to get the impressions done. They cost $250 and it’s non-refundable. I’m so poor that I had to pay it on two different cards. I never had braces when I was younger and really regret that. But my teeth are awful and I expect to get a good result with Invisalign. I haven’t received my treatment plan yet. The dentist has to send the impression to Invisalign. I should be going back in a few weeks to start treatment once Invisalign sends back the claim. I am excited. I expect my confidence to improve with straight teeth! I’ll post more when I go back to my dentist in a few weeks. By the way, the Invisalign consultation is free if you’re considering it.


Author: laurrack

New to blogging! What started as a fashion blog turned into a lifestyle blog. I write about anything that I want to write about. I have lived in NC, FL, AZ, and MA.

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