Yesterday, I received the unfortunate news that UNC has decided to reject me yet again. It was both shocking and somewhat unexpected. On Friday, I had an admissions interview with the UNC Master of Accounting program, which brands itself as being top 10 in the country and having a 99 percent job placement rate. On Monday, exactly one day later, UNC had already decided that I was not worth of admission. It is common for people to call to find out why they’ve been rejected. However, my interviewer was not receptive to my call and did not provide constructive feedback. She tried to dismiss my questions by saying my score was lower than other people. This could quite possibly be true but 81st percentile on GRE is solid and she said on Friday that my score was good. Throughout the interview, she kept saying I’m smart. Yesterday, she lamented that I’m not what employers are looking for. That doesn’t really make sense because I’ve never met any of their employers. Frankly, if I was not a good fit, then I never should have been interviewed. She said they are trying to build their class and most people would just be grateful for the opportunity. I sent her a thank you email that was never even acknowledged. They even made a new deadline when they could have accepted me. Earlier in the year, I was rejected from Vanderbilt. At least Vanderbilt gave the decision months after I submitted my application and provided tangible feedback. Vanderbilt said that my scores were lower than those who were admitted, my recommendations were not recent enough, and my GPA was good but not great. While it sucks to hear all these things, at least two out of those three were things that I could do something about. Also, accounting doesn’t seem like a very good profession to me. So I’m starting to care less. Another thing is that University of Michigan and UT Austin have better accounting programs. However, theirs require prerequisites. Most accounting programs will require financial and managerial accounting, statistics, and micro and macroeconomics. I took econ and statistics but I don’t really care about taking financial or managerial accounting ever. Another turn off was that the interviewer made it seem like the program would limit where students could get jobs. All the Big 4 recruit at top accounting programs and that’s not really a differentiator of UNC. However, she told me that most UNC students end up in Charlotte, Raleigh, or Atlanta . I don’t want to stay in NC after living here for at least 20 years. The only states I want to live in are TX, FL, AZ, CA. So if you’re considering a master’s program, it’s important to look at where students get jobs. UT Austin, most of them will get jobs in TX. At USC Marshall, most students will get jobs in Cali. If was seriously interested in accounting, then I would be taking those prereqs and probably applying to USC and UT.


Author: laurrack

New to blogging! What started as a fashion blog turned into a lifestyle blog. I write about anything that I want to write about. I have lived in NC, FL, AZ, and MA.

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