No fuckboy zone

To all the guys who try to hang out with me at 10 pm, I won’t. So don’t ask. Hanging out that late is sketchy and you know it. And don’t ask me to come to your house either because I won’t. If you want to get to know me you can do it in a public place when the sun is up. And don’t ask me last minute either because everyone knows that last minute is last choice. I see right through this shit. This post was inspired by a UNC basketball player who started texting me. He quickly annoyed me and I realized it was a waste of time to become friends with him.


Author: laurrack

New to blogging! What started as a fashion blog turned into a lifestyle blog. I write about anything that I want to write about. I have lived in NC, FL, AZ, and MA.

2 thoughts on “No fuckboy zone”

  1. Hi Edward, thanks so much for commenting on my blog. Yes, I’ve partied late before too. But the world seems to be overrun with naivety and fuckboys. I don’t understand the way that some guys talk to women. It’s refreshing to see that there is at least one person who understands that women don’t want to be bothered at 10 pm. Some people are already in bed that time anyway. That’s the reason I personally deny anyone who asks me to hang out at 10 pm. Also, it somehow makes me think that at that time, guys will try harder for sex/getting you to sleep over. Last night particularly, it was hailing where I live and there is NO ONE I would drive through hail to see. lol.


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