Green Acres Farm


I decided to make a glitter pumpkin after some inspiration from Pinterest. I used spray adhesive and poured glitter on the pumpkin until it was completely covered. This was the result! The black cat and glitter were both from Michael’s.


Pumpkin picking at Green Acres Farm in Cary, NC.


Corn maze that we did. It was actually easier than it looks. I thought I would get stuck and have to cut my way out! It was fun. I would go back again next year because they make a new design every year!


The farm is family owned and four generations have lived there! They have had crops including, cattle, soybeans, corn, and others! I highly recommend visiting. We also took a hay ride!


I loved petting this goat but it was not as nice to my friend! Hehe.


Riding this horse was one of the happiest moments of my life. I now want to get my own horse. I didn’t really know what I was doing but it was so fun. The horse kept stopping to eat grass and I thought I would surely fall off but I didn’t. Her name was Sweetpea. Be sure to check out this farm. They have Christmas trees in winter!


Author: laurrack

New to blogging! What started as a fashion blog turned into a lifestyle blog. I write about anything that I want to write about. I have lived in NC, FL, AZ, and MA.

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