Ideal guy

After being disrespected by so many guys, I’ve been thinking a lot about what my ideal guy would be like. Don’t make fun of my list lol.

  1. Super tall
  2. Straight teeth – I had Invisalign, bad teeth are a no no
  3. Educated
  4. Compliments me – women love this shit
  5. Good sex – fact: bad sex CAN ruin a relationship
  6. Has a real career – guys in the service industry tend to prioritize drugs and alcohol too much. No I will not stay up until 7 am with you and do blow, then sleep until 3 pm and do it all again the next day
  7. Not afraid to be seen with me in public – last night I went out with a loser who didn’t want to go all these places because he didn’t want other girls to see us together. If you’re afraid to be seen with me, then we just don’t need to hang out.
  8. Doesn’t make me feel bad about myself
  9. Foodie – I’m not eating Chipotle with you 4 times a week
  10. Good style – Tom Ford says dressing well is a form of good manners!
  11. Pays for my food – I’m old-fashioned. If you’re the one inviting me out, then maybe you should pay. And if you don’t even pay when my food is only $6, then I just think you’re a cheap asshole.
  12. Works out – fitness is important to me so I can’t stand someone who doesn’t try to have a healthy lifestyle.
  13. Actually texts me back – no ghosting!
  14. Respects me – this should be #1
  15. No STDs – goes without saying.
  16. Doesn’t smoke – cigarette breath will NEVER be sexy

What no one tells you about grad school

I hate my school. Grad students are socially inept here. I moved July 25th and still have no friends. It’s not my fault. I only control my actions, not other people’s. If they want to be flaky bitches, that’s fine with me. But as soon as I find out someone is like that, I delete them everywhere out of my life: social media, my phone, etc. My best friend is actually my old manager from one of my shitty retail jobs. She’s 15 years older than me but is the only reliable person who actually invites me out to do stuff. If you’re suffering in grad school too, then I feel for you. Anyone who says you don’t need friends or that’s not why you’re there is stupid. Grad students have high rates of depression and it’s easy to isolate yourself. I wish I had the solution but I don’t because I keep meeting losers and pieces of shit here. I’ll post back when I find out how to make friends. Maybe the solution is that you have to move to a city where there are more people or that you have to look outside grad school for friends. Or maybe it’s not as simple as that and people sucking is just an epidemic now. I think that actually may be the problem. So many people are so full of shit and into themselves. Trust me on this. If they don’t give you the who, what, where, when, then they are not serious about hanging out from you and you should start ignoring them if you haven’t already.

What respecting women means

I can tell you what respecting women isn’t. If you are having sex with a girl, then you shouldn’t just be using her for sex. Too many times, I’ve had guys have sex with me but refuse to date me. You don’t deserve sex with me if you aren’t going to develop a relationship with me. If sex is just physical for you, then as far as I’m concerned, you can have it with yourself. And to all the guys who ask girls to leave after they have sex with them, fuck you. You know that’s a fucking dick move and you should be ashamed of yourselves.

What it’s like to work at Nordstrom

If you haven’t worked retail, then you  don’t know that it’s really not as glamorous as you thought. Standing on your feet for 7 hours a day isn’t fun. I have yet to find a shoe that is chic yet comfortable. One girl in the store wears heels everyday and I think she’s crazy. At my store, I work on commission. However, I have yet to meet my sales goal and it’s not necessarily because my selling techniques are bad. Sales takes a little bit of luck and depends on so many external factors. I work in women’s apparel and deal with a lot of older customers, some of whom can be quite difficult. Whenever, I don’t meet the sales goal, I think I only get paid hourly. It’s 2 days until the dd hits, thank God. I do enjoy a 20% discount in the store but I have so many other bills that I cannot be shopping there all the time. The majority of my next paycheck is going to a car insurance payment.

Also, FYI Nordstrom employees cannot shop the anniversary sale until it’s open to the public.

There are some people I work with that I really wonder how they got hired because they are either stupid, do not dress fashionably, or both. I am more educated than many of the people I work with. Working here has helped me to realize that I do not see a long-term career in retail unless I can get a desk job. I am quite certain that I either have tendonitis, plantar fasciitis or a stress fracture in my foot. Waiting to go to the orthopedist next week.

It’s tough to say whether my coworkers or my customers bother me more. Probably my coworkers honestly. There are some people who are just aloof, stupid, or downright rude. The only way to survive at Nordstrom is to tune those people out. Luckily, my manager is pretty nice. She hasn’t gotten pissed at me for anything yet but I don’t think seasonal employees can possibly learn all the ins and outs in a week. I will probably be done by the end of July or early August when the anniversary sale ends. Another thing that makes it difficult to sell is when your customers say the merchandise is ugly. Some of it is ugly. I cannot lie. I try my best to be honest with my customers because if they don’t like something it will get returned and then guess who loses the commission? Yep, that’s right. Yours truly!



Why I won’t be attending any “Meetups”

People suggested for me to make new friends. Wow, I hate this website. I didn’t show up to one event and these people got their panties in a bunch. They started sending me rude messages and talking down to me. You should know I don’t tolerate this behavior from anyone so I blocked this person immediately. If that’s how people are on meetup, then you can rest assured I will never be attending any meetups. Good riddance.

My summer kickball league was also a bust. Everyone on my team is lame af and barely talked to me. So much for making new friends!

Second opinion or 5

If you read my last post, then you know my doctor tested too soon for chlamydia. Needless to say, I will never be going to him again for anything. I got several second opinions and they all said it’s likely a false positive since he tested too soon. The test can pick up dead chlamydia. There’s no need to do a test of cure unless you still have symptoms or reinfection is suspected. The antibiotics are close to 100% effective. The only time it might not work is if you threw up or had diarrhea within a couple hours of taking it. That’s true for other drugs, not just Zithromax. Regardless, I didn’t throw up or have diarrhea so there’s no reason that this wasn’t absorbed. I am very angry about this doctor. If you have doubts about your treatment plan, then don’t hesitate to seek a second opinion or 5. He didn’t even upload my results in the portal. Um did he not think that people might not want to know that they don’t have HIV or syphilis? Getting chlamydia is not a punishment for having unprotected sex. In fact, 1 in 5 adults will have an STD in their lifetime. The best thing you can do is use condoms until you know someone’s status. Unfortunately, most people my age are just fucking around with multiple partners and probably not using condoms with any or even getting STD tests. I have only had 2 guys ever show me their results.

False positives

I used to really like and trust my doctor until now. If you have  been following my blog, then you read that I had a positive test for chlamydia. I took the 1g of Zithromax on May 2. With advances in medicine, NAAT is the most sensitive test. However, testing too soon after treatment can lead to false positives. Current CDC guidelines recommend retesting 3 months after treatment. I’m not sure why my doctor is not following the CDC guidelines. He insisted on testing me 2 weeks after treatment. The NAAT can still amplify dead organisms. He said I was positive again. I refuse to believe this so I am waiting 3 months, August 2. If anyone is in the same situation as me, just know that you can get a false positive by testing too early. I will be looking for a new doctor and testing again somewhere else at a later date.